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Belmar Kids Chase

Kids Races in Belmar 2012

A series of non-scored races for kids will be held on Friday, beginning at 6:30PM, the night before the Belmar Chase, on the beach adjacent to 6th and Ocean Ave in Belmar.

Each age group from 2 to 14 will have its own heats. Entry fee is $15.00 per child; kids from 2-4 are free.

There will be competitive races for 9- and 10-year old boys and girls which crown the Fastest Boy in Belmar and the Fastest Girl in Belmar. 

All entrants receive a Belmar Kids Chase T-shirt and each finisher will receive a medal. Post-race refreshments for all. Click here for registration information.


Events by Age

Age Distance
under 4 20 meters
4 40 meters
5 40 meters
6 80 meters
7 80 meters
8 100 meters
9  Race for Fastest Kid in Belmar 100 meters
10 Race for Fastest Kid in Belmar 100 meters
11 150 meters
12 250 meters
13 250 meters
14 250 meters

**NOTE: There will be “Challenger” race sections on Friday night during the kids program. Depending on the number of entrants, enough races will be created to accommodate all age and skill levels. All participants will receive a medal. If you wish to enter your child in a challenger section, simply enter them in the kids races at the appropriate age level and then simply let us know when you check in on Friday night that you would like them to be placed in one of the Challenger sections.

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