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Tue, Jul 30, 2013

News & Notes - July 30

• Barnabas Health and The Atlantic Club have teamed up with the Belmar Chase to provide an open-to–the-public cardiology screening tomorrow, July 31st, at the Atlantic Club in Manasquan. Screenings to begin at 830am and conclude at 11:30am. They will include cholesterol, blood pressure, peripheal arterial disease and an overall cardiac risk assessment. As you prepare for the Belmar Chase, what a great time to check out your ticker. More info can be found here.

• Just in case you decide to try and break the 5km world record, we are proud to announce the course has now been finalized and certified. Check it out here (place it on the website and put link here.) Speaking of the world best for a 5km road race, any idea what's the fastest time a man and woman have ever run for this distance on the roads? Submit your answer on our Facebook page and you might win a gift from adidas and Runner's High

• You like Kashi snack bars? If so, they'll be plenty waiting for you at the finish line this year along with Wegmans water, Muscle Milk, Einstein Bagels, bananas, oranges and other snack items to help you recover and plan for a fun day at the beach.

• So far the most requested song for the course is Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Submit your music requests for the course, here.

• If you haven't done so yet, register for this year's Belmar Chase here. Check us out on Facebook and twitter.

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